Behavioral Health

 Our behavioral health program uses a multi-focused approach which includes specially trained nursing staff, psychotherapists, and therapeutic recreation staff. Our team provides an environment where our residents can feel safe, stimulated, and valued. Our therapist and recreation staff keep our residents engaged and motivated while giving them the tools they need to reduce their behavioral symptoms and live a more independent lifestyle.

 Our attractive in-ground swimming pool offers recreational and therapeutic swimming adjacent to a large covered patio for visiting and activities. The Dolores Turco Memorial Park offers walkways through gardens and bridges, with benches and swings overlooking the tree-lined campus. The beautiful, calming design of Lincoln Park Care Center has been created to soothe, motivate and stimulate residents to improve their quality of life. We strive to offer residents a range of creative and therapeutic programs to encourage socialization and participation, with a behavior management focus.

 We strive to offer residents a range of creative and therapeutic programs to encourage socialization and participation. Activities include music therapy, pet therapy, horticultural therapy, entertainment, karaoke, holiday parties, and religious services, to name a few. Enrichment programs include crafts, discussion groups, painting workshops, movies and bingo.

Diverse trips assist residents in reintegrating into the community. With a variety of trips each month in our own van to shopping centers, restaurants, and recreational destinations, residents are able to use the skills they have learned in psychosocial programs including finance management, communication skills, body image, hygiene, grooming, and anger/medication management.

 Our programs are proven to reduce behavioral symptoms by over 95% and allow for a significant improvement in quality of life.

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